The Bitcoin Heist

One of the biggest bitcoin marketplaces in the world was hacked and hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins were stolen.

You and your group are walking into the hideout of one of the hackers who was part of the big bitcoin heist.

Your mission is to find clues about the hack, who did the bitcoins belong to and possibly discover if there are any bitcoins left for you and your teammates.

As you uncover the secrets of the hideout, you realize your party is in grave danger after you discover the true owners of the bitcoins.

Can you escape with your heads still on your shoulders, as time ticks away.

You only have 60 minutes to solve this mystery.

Difficulty: HARD

Hints: Upon request

Language: English (knowledge of English is required as there is textual content in English)

Players: 2-5

Price: 40EUR (2400 ден);  33 EUR for 2 players (2000 ден.)

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